Physical Education and Game Education in Preschool and Primary School

Alişan Yavuz, Ebru Özüdoğru, Fatma Çelik Kayapınar


The purpose of this study was to systematically analyze studies which were about game and physical education published between 2009-2019 years. Study was conducted through studies published on databases of Higher Education Institution (YOK) thesis dates between 2009-2019 years, Dergi park and Google Academic in terms of terms “physical education” and “game/play” in primary and secondary schools. There were 46 studies detected by physical education related three thesis from 548 master thesis, one doctoral dissertation; game related 30 thesis from 1661 master thesis, 12 doctoral dissertation. In dergi park database, 45 articles were selected; a) physical education related 13 articles from 28.160 articles, b) game/play related 32 articles from 1649 articles. In google academic database, 8 articles were determined; a) physical education related one article from 17100 articles, seven articles from 17.700 articles. There were 99 studies determined as 53 scientific researches, 33 master thesis and 13 doctoral dissertations in dates between 2009-2019. This study comprises of reviewing scientific researches in terms of physical education and game/play in preschool and primary school. Future directions have been discussed.


Preschool, Play, Education, Physical Activity

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