The Relationship between 50 meters Freestyle Technique Swimming Performance and Anthropometric and Motoric Features in 9-13 Age Group Swimmers

Selbi Pehlivan, Zeynep İnci Karadenizli


The aim of this study is to examine the relationship between 50 meter freestyle technique swimming performance and anthropometric and motoric features 9-13 age group swimmers. 8 boys (age: X̅ = 12,00 ±1,06 yrs, body weight: X̅ = 48,90 ±8,37 kg, body height: X̅ = 155,50 ±8,58 cm) and 7 girls (age: X̅ = 11,00 ±1,29 yrs, body weight: X̅ = 42,77 ±11,57 kg, body height: X̅ = 148,57 ±9,79 cm), in total 15 children swimmers participated in the study, from Düzce Youth Services Sports Club. The swimmers involved in the study consisted of players who had swimming training for one year and exercised regularly for two hours twice a week. Some anthropometric (body weight, body-mass index, body height, hand and arm span), motoric (speed, endurance, flexibility, agility, hand grip) and swimming performance measurements (50 mt freestyle technique) are carried out. For the data analysis, on the SPSS 22 packaged software descriptive statistics and Pearson Correlation analysis are carried out. Significance level is accepted as (p<0.05). As a result, of anthropometric properties, negative correlation between height and arm span and swimming performance of 50 meters, positive correlation between arm span detected. Of motoric properties, positive correlation is detected between speed (30 mt sprint) and swimming performance, also the stroke frequency in 50 meters. Negative correlation is detected between endurance and hand grip (left) and swimming performance of 50 meters. In addition to these, positive correlation is detected between the stroke frequency and swimming performance of 50 meters. It is advised to swimming coaches and physical education teachers that when the selection of talents for short distance swimmers, they should prefer players who have longer body height and arm span. In addition, it is recommended to do training plan that improves to speed, endurance, hand grip and the stroke frequency.


Anthropometry, Motoric Features, Performance, Swimming

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