The Effect of Basic Movement Skills Education Using the Differential Learning Approach on Attention and Motoric Features of Elementary School Students

Nuri Topsakal, Sinan Bozkurt, Hüseyin Akın


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of differential learning approach on attention and motor skills of elementary school students through basic movement skills education program. Total 20 students aged 9-10 years in the third grade of an elementary school in Beykoz, Istanbul participated in this study. 12 of them were boys (132,75±7,38 cm. of height, 31,50±9,57 kg. of body weight) and eight of them were girls (131,95±6,19 cm., 33,57±8,19 kg. of body weight) The Basic Movement Skills program on the Yellow Cards group of the Physical Activity Cards (PAC) prepared for the “Games and Physical Activities” classes was carried out with perspective of differential learning on the experimental group during 4 course hour for 10 weeks. “Bourdon Attention Test”, “Illinois Agility Test”, 10 and 20 m. Sprint Tests”, “Flamingo Balance Test”, “Standing Long Jump Test (STJ)”, “Sit-up Test” were carried out as a pre-test in the beginning of the study period and as and post-test at the end. The data collected were determined as descriptive statistics and according to the result of the Wilcoxon Signed-Rank Test, it was seen that there was a significant statistical difference between the pre-test and post-test points of the Attention (p<0.01), 10 m. sprint (p<0.01), 20 m. sprint (p<0.01) features of the students of the experimental group and that these features were improved for the better and there was a significant statistical difference between the pre-test and post-test points of the according to the data collected, it was evaluated that the Basic Movement Skills practices with differential learning approach can be effective on the attention and speed improvements of 3th grade elementary school students.


Differential learning, movement skills, attention, physical activities, motoric features

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