The Impact of the Transition to Higher Education Examination, Weighted High School Grade Point Average and Special Talent Examination Scores on the Academic Success of Preservice Physical Education Teachers: Sample of Mersin University

Zekai Pehlevan


Purpose was to analyze the impact of the transition to higher education examination (YGS), weighted high school grade point average (AOBP) and special talent examination scores (ÖYSP-SP) on the academic success (GNO) of preservice physical education teachers. Sample group included 189 pre-service physical education teachers graduated from Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching in the last five years. Data were collected from official sources via retrospective archive searching. The data analysis was conducted by t test, one-way ANOVA, Kruskal-Wallis H and Welch test if the variances are inhomogeneous. Scheffe and Tamhane’s T2 tests used as post-hoc tests. Correlation analysis was used to test the relation among independent variables while multi-linear regression analyses were used to test the predictive power between dependent and independent variables. Error margin was set as 0,01 and 0,05. YGS scores differed by sex. Men’s scores average (M= 264,99; SD= 37,05) were significantly higher than women’s scores (M= 241,22; SD= 34,66). In the meantime, those having YGS score interval between 160,00-210,00 have higher ÖYSP scores than those between 310,01-360,00. Those scoring 310,01-360,00 in YGS have higher GNO than those scoring 160-210 and 210,01-260,00 (p0,01). Although there was no correlation between YP and GNO, a positive correlation was observed between GNO, YGS and AOBP (p0,01). YGS scores and AOBP only explained 24% of total variance in academic success. Those with lower YGS scores were more successful in ÖYSP-SP, yet this success had no impact on the academic success of pre-service teachers. The most effective variance in academic success was AOBP. For this reason, AOBP should be given importance when choosing physical education teacher candidates.


YGS score, AOB score, special talent examination, academic success, preservice physical education teacher

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