Investigating Body Image Satisfaction among the Different Levels of Turkish Tennis Players as a Function of Gender

Melih Öztop, M. Settar Koçak


The study designed to investigate the role of playing tennis on Turkish university students’ body image satisfaction as a function of gender. The present study also aimed to find out differences in body image satisfaction scores between different levels of tennis players. Data were obtained from 152 (77 men, 75 women) different levels of tennis players who are volunteer undergraduate university students from Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, Turkey. In this study, data were gathered by administering two instruments, namely, Turkish version of Body Image Satisfaction Questionnaire and Demographic Information Form which was developed to collect personal information. A two-way ANOVA and 7X2 ANOVA were performed to analyze data. According to results there was no significant effect for gender on body image satisfaction scores. However, it can be stated that there was a significant difference between body image satisfaction scores and participants’ tennis ability levels.


Body image, tennis, gender

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