The Effect of 14 Weeks Volleyball Course on Physical Education Teacher Education Students’ Content Knowledge

Erhan Devrilmez, Mustafa Çabıtçı, Halil İbrahim Uyar, Dilem Çiy, Kevser Bozkurt, Fatih Dervent


Volleyball course takes place on secondary and high school curriculums. It also takes place on physical education teacher education undergraduate programs. Physical education teacher education students are supposed to have volleyball content knowledge before graduating teacher education programs. This study aims to examine physical education teacher education students’ volleyball content knowledge level after they newly completed volleyball course. Participants were 15 female and 23 male, totally 38 students. Data were collected with volleyball common content knowledge test and content map. Paired sample t-test and descriptive statistics were utilized for statistical calculations. Results showed that while participants reached expected common content knowledge level (70% and over), their specialized content knowledge levels were lower than expected (3.0 or over). As a conclusion, common content knowledge focused course increased physical education teacher education students’ common content knowledge level. Specialized content knowledge which directly affects physical education teacher education students’ quality can be obtained by content and applications focusing on it.


Content knowledge, Volleyball, Physical education teacher education

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