The Examination of Physical Education and Sport Students’ Depth of Content Knowledge

Erhan Devrilmez, Fatih Dervent


Effective teaching requires consistency between teachers’ goals and students’ learning outcomes. Content  knowledge is one of the important knowledge bases for effective teaching. Content knowledge constitutes two  sub-domains which are common content knowledge (CCK) and specialized content knowledge (SCK). The purpose  of this study was to examine the depth of gymnastics content knowledge of students enrolled in physical education  teacher education, sport management and coaching education departments. Participants were 32 coaching  education, 36 sport management and 48 physical education teacher education, totally 116 students. To measure the  depth of CCK of participants, gymnastics CCK test was utilized. Content maps were used for measuring participants’  depth of SCK. Descriptive statistics and ANOVA were used for statistical calculations. Results showed that CCK  scores of three groups were lower than expected value (at least 70% correct answers). The physical education  teacher education students’ mean SCK score was higher than the benchmark (3.0 or over) that distinguishes  between deeper and shallower content knowledge. Sport management and coaching education students did not  reach the benchmark score. ANOVA results indicated that physical education teacher education students’ CCK and  SCK levels significantly better than coaching education and sport management students. Findings demonstrate that  CCK and SCK can and should be saliently taught to teachers.


Common content knowledge, Specialized content knowledge, Gymnastic, Physical education departments

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