Situated Game Teaching Through Setplays: An Innovative Model to Teach Sports in Physical Education

Fatih Dervent, Erhan Devrilmez, Xiuye Xie, Weidong Li


Physical education teachers are expected to have sport specific content knowledge and know pedagogical models in order to teach sports and games in physical education lessons in authentic settings. Even though sports in physical education lessons are taught sufficiently, teaching sport specific skills mostly depends on traditional or techniques-focused teaching methods. The purpose of this study was to explain components, qualities and pedagogical steps of an innovative pedagogical model, Situated Game Teaching through Set Plays, which uses situated game scenarios reflecting real match situations, and discussing its appropriateness for physical education and sport curriculum in Turkey. The aim of this model is to improve students’ game competencies through situated game scenarios and support them to enjoy a lifelong physical activity for a healthy life. Students who are mentally engaged to analyze the cues and relations among game parameters can improve reflective thinking, decision making and problem-solving competencies to select appropriate techniques, strategies and tactics. Future research should focus on analyzing the effectiveness of the model on technique development, tactical decision making, and motivation of students.


Sports, pedagogical model, situated learning, game scenarios

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