Improving Physical Fitness in Individuals with Autism Spectrum with Game Console Physical Activity Program

Yeşim Gökgöz, Mehmet Ata Öztürk, Salih Pınar


The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of game consoles on the physical fitness levels of young individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Sample consisted of 8 individuals (4 male, 4 female), aged 11-18 years who were attending a sports training center. ABAB - multiple baseline across participants, single case research design was used. Overall study period was 14 weeks and the minimum research group participation period was 12 weeks. Camera was used to record the activities. The alternative treatment groups were given a routine training program that is provided by the center. The experiment group received an adapted physical activity training program using the kinect game console. Eurofit test battery was used for physical fitness assessments. Pre-test post-test measures were reported regarding the physical fitness levels were. Considering the evaluated results; The average percentage of the percentage increase in the Flamingo equilibrium test was 60.15%, the average of the increase percentage in the elasticity measurement results was 62.39, the mean percentage of the increase in body strength test was 45.46%, the average of the increase in running speed was 12.37%, the average of the increase in durability was 43.14%. Findings show significant improvements on the physical fitness levels of participants in the experimental group (console training) in contrast to the alternative treatment group (routine program).


Autism Spectrum Disorders, Game Console Training, Physical Activity, Fitness Levels

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